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Question: Why refinish an existing hardwood floor? What does the process entail?
Answer: Due to normal wear and tear, hardwood floors need to be freshened over time. This process can be done on almost any hardwood floor (except some engineered that do not have a top layer thick enough to be sanded). To do so, all furniture must be removed from work areas to be refinished. We would then protect your home by placing plastic up to slow down air flow both in & out of work areas. Next, we sand the old finish off of your floors using sander that are connected our dust containment system. This allows for maximum dust to be collected, however, these are spinning machine, so some dust is likely to escape. We continuously clean your home as we work. Then, on your newly sanded floors, we apply your chosen finish. Your project can be anticipated to last between 3 days up to one week or more. This of course depends on the amount of square feet and condition of floors and stair treads.

Question: What is the main difference between Unfinished and Pre-finished flooring?
Answer: Unfinished flooring is flooring that must be sanded and stained and/or finish applied after installation. Pre-finished flooring is where the flooring pieces are individually finished at a factory and only require installation.

Question: Where can I install hardwood flooring?
Answer: You can install hardwood flooring in any room throughout your home. Hardwood flooring is durable, easy to clean and can withstand such heavy-traffic environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Question: There are so many different types of wood flooring – including species of wood, color, prefinished versus unfinished. Can you assist with this?
Answer: Nadeau’s extensive knowledge in the flooring industry can make this easy for you. Remember, that choosing a species of wood requires more than just matching the floor to your current home decor! There are many other attributes of wood that are important to consider, such as: texture, grain, and color. Regarding the choice to choose prefinished or unfinished flooring for you home depends on a few factors, such as: budget, time allocated for your project, etc.

Question: How do I know which type of flooring is the best choice for my home and family?
Answer: Together, with our traveling showroom, we can determine the best choices for type of flooring, as well as color and finish, right in your home!

Question: What is a “Screen and Coat”?
Answer: This process is most utilized in rental units & some types of engineered floors. It will not fix any defect in an existing floor, such as scratches, dents or water damage. Its purpose is to put a new shine and protective layer on the flooring. However there is always the chance the new urethane coat will not properly bond to old surface and could peel away in time, bubble up in certain areas, etc. The process will take two days - one day to coat and one day to allow it to dry before furniture can be moved back. During this process, everything needs to be removed from areas.

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