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Solid Hardwood flooring

Wood's natural beauty is warm and inviting, to both the eye and to the touch. Best of all, Nadeau’s wide variety of wood species along with a spectrum of stains, gloss levels, special edge details, widths, and textures, make it easy to choose a complement for any style, any décor.

Solid Hardwood flooring is 100% hardwood milled from lumber. As a natural material, hardwood reacts to changes in its setting, like moisture and extreme temperatures, which cause solid wood to shrink or expand.

Variances by species are as fascinating as they are beautiful, from the pronounced grain of oak and the more understated, clean look of maple. Exotics like lapacho, tigerwood and Brazilian cherry are striking and distinctive. They vary in hardness, which translates into durability. Consider oak, maple, ash or Brazilian cherry for the greatest durability.

Hardwood flooring can come in strips or planks. “Strips” are board widths of less than three inches. “Planks” are three inches or wider. Board width dramatically affects the installed look of a floor. Wide width hardwood planks are lovely in a large room, but can overwhelm a small one. Select what works with the style and size of your room.

The way the edges and the ends of the boards are cut is called edge/end detail. Options include square, microbeveled, eased and beveled. For a dramatic effect, select a beveled edge/end detail that emphasizes the definition of individual boards. Square edges/ends create a smooth and nearly seamless appearance.

Whether you choose high-gloss or low-gloss, neither will affect the durability or performance of hardwood flooring. Low-gloss and light-colored floors can hide the minor scratches that can accumulate over time. Higher gloss floors don’t hide scratches as well.

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